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About A Neck Of The Woods Remodeling

Hi! My name is Jesse Cordova. I own & operate my own hard wood floor & furniture repair Business. “A Neck Of the Woods Remodeling” is based out of Aurora, CO. I have been in the industry for 15 years. I‘ve proudly served Colorado as the friendly alternative to big named and overpriced hard wood flooring retailers. Here are a few things I do differently:

First: This is how I advertise. No costly radio/TV ads. No expensive showrooms. I know the outrageous mark-up many companies put on their flooring. Most companies will put an additional mark-up on products especially when they do commerce outside the Denver Metro Area. This is not the case with A Neck of the Woods Remodeling. By keeping my overhead low, I can get you the same quality floors you hear about & see in advertisements for prices that will surprise you!

Second: I utilize the same resources as any other major flooring company in town.
For example:
• Custom inlays, Stairs, interior trim
• Commercial grade finishing products
• Exotic Woods
• Refinished & Pre finished Flooring
• Laminates & Tile
• Engineered & hand scraped products

I can customize your flooring needs.

Third: I give the estimate & do the work. My business growth depends on happy customers who will refer me to their friends. I work hard to keep every single customer totally satisfied, and give you my personal number for any servicing issues. I’m Certified & Trained with the National Wood Flooring Association@ & Mohawk Finishing & Repair@ When I come to your home I give you an honest, detailed and exact quote that will help you get the outcome you are looking for in having your floors installed new or refinished.

Emails get priority on bids.

Rates: There are far too many variables to give an accurate estimate without seeing the space to be remodelled. I'm giving this list so I don't have folks calling or writing - wasting my time just to see if they are holding a fair Bid.

• Sand and Finish w/Poly Oil 2 coats $1.80 to $2.50 depending on wear & gunk etc.
• Additional Coats $.40 cents each

• Install Pre finished $2.25 per sq. ft. Customer provides materials, including glue, staples, finish nails, under lament. Transitions are additional charge of $20 each per install.

• Install flush Mount vents with frame $18-$35 each, higher price for finishing on prefinshed floor products.

• Carpet Tuck $20- $60

• Sand and Finish Waterborne w/waterborne poly $2.15 to $2.90 depending on product and wear & gunk etc.
• Additional Coats $.50 cents each

• Ad a dime if your have a soft wood like Vertical grain fir.

• Ad a 12-50 cents if the floor is caked with Wax or tar such as the gum under Linoleum from the olden days. The gum can be removed with soaking with paint thinner with rags then scrap off use gloves,ventilation, and lung protection!

• Incidentals: You may need to anticipate Remove&Reinstall: Appliances, Furniture,Base Boards or Trim like quarter round, base shoe, Removing Carpet, Pad,Tact strips, staples $0.65 to $O.75 per sq. ft.

• Staining Dark other than natural look ad $.35 to $.50 per sq. ft. custom stain.

• Plastic to protect belongings or contain dust, I use dust containment equipment but still recommend using plastic if you live in the home. $10-$350

• Some home owners may option to do some of the preliminary work to save. Most sanding jobs take a 1-4 days min.

•  Free estimates
•  No extra charges
•  Pay by the job
•  Superior installation of hardwood flooring
•  Custom borders and patterns
•  Dust free sanding or we clean your house FREE!

Ask about staying in your home during the remodel using water based finishes

We also furnish and install
•  Carpet
•  Tile
•  Natural Stone

References are available upon request

Night and weekend apointments are possible


Thank You,

Jesse Cordova
A Neck of the Woods Remodeling
(720) 435-3797




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Tuesday, September 30, 2008